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Provide a network for nurses throughout New Zealand that:

• Encourages and supports Christian nurses in living out their faith in compassionate and competent professional practice

• Empowers Christian nurses to examine, understand, and apply scripture as it relates to their work

• Promotes friendship, collegiality, and communication amongst Christian nurses nationwide

• Equips and supports Christian nurse leaders across the country

• Represents Christian nurses and Christian values in the national nursing and health care arena

• Reaches out to colleagues through practically demonstrating Gods love and grace, helping them to recognise Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and invite Him into their lives

• Works with, learns from, and encourages those sharing similar purpose around the world, playing an active role as a national member of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) and the NCF Pacific and East Asia region (PACEA)



NCFNZ was re-born on International Nurses Day 2015, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Our background is rooted in a history going back to that day, a history and genealogy appropriately and best described as our whakapapa. We all know most of Florence’s story but the key thing her writings tell us is that on February 7th 1837, at 17 years old, she heard God’s voice calling her into ‘service’, eventually leading her into nursing. Our profession has never been the same since.

Whilst the contribution of other nurse leaders was significant, nursing in Aotearoa NZ, as with many nations around the world, was strongly influenced by Florence. Early last century, our nurse leaders were facing challenges of conflict abroad and in making their contribution to the development of the country, including our profession. They stood on their commitment to Christ in doing so.

Part of this commitment was to carry on Nightingale’s Christian mission by establishing in 1924 a national organisation to support Christian nurses in their work – the Nurses Christian Union (NCU). Director of the Division of Nursing at the Department of Health (similar to our modern day Chief Nurse at the Ministry) Jessie Bicknell was the first patron of NCU and a committed advocate of Christianity as the foundation of our practice.

Eventually the ‘Union’ became the ‘Fellowship’ to effectively link with similar organisations worldwide as part of Nurses Christian Fellowship International. In time just about every hospital in NZ had a branch of NCF with meetings packed out on a regular basis. Every organisation has its season though and in the late 90s the profile of NCF became less obvious. In 2015, 90 years since nurse leaders of Aotearoa acknowledged their faith as underpinning a commitment to caring, NCFNZ once again proclaims the centrality of God to the work of our profession.

The fundamental beliefs underpinning NCFNZ are:






• There is one true God, one being in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and through Him all things were created

• The Bible is our foundation text book, inspired by God, possessing His authority, believable and trustworthy as a guide to our life and work

• Our way to gain eternal life with God in Heaven is by believing that Jesus Christ came to earth as the Son of God, died for us, came back to life, and that our sins will be forgiven if we ask and repent in His name

• All people were made equal in the image of God and deserve our full respect and the highest quality of care we can provide

• God, as the Holy Spirit, lives within us supporting our living in a way that honours and pleases the Father. He is with us as a guide, mentor, and teacher as we go about our lives and provide care in our workplace


NCFI logoNCFNZ is part of an international movement within the nursing profession. We are a part of NCF International which has a mission to equip and encourage nurses to integrate biblical principles and Christ centred values within clinical practice, leadership, education and research. Visit about NCFI  or download their brochure  for more information.
The regions of NCFI are Europe, Caribbean and North America (CANA), South Asia and Middle East (SAME), Africa, Pacific and East Asia (PACEA), and Latin America. NCFNZ is in the PACEA region.


NCFNZ rules @ May 2015

NCFNZ is a Registered Charity (no: CC52520) see the Charities Register for confirmation & details

NCFNZ is an Incorporated Society (no: 2619651) see the NCNZ Incorporation certificate

Committee Members

mark_jonesDr Mark Jones FCNA(NZ), FACN – President and Chair

Tēnā koe e hoa,

I am pleased to have been re-elected as President and Chair for Nurses Christian Fellowship of New Zealand for 2016/7 My nursing history goes back to the UK where I progressed into primary health care, moving through practice to national policy and leadership roles.

I came to live in Aotearoa NZ in 2005 to serve as Chief Nurse based in the Ministry of Health. From there I hopped over to Perth to help set up an international outreach programme teaching nurses and midwives in East Africa and was persuaded to become its Director with additional responsibilities as Professor for Transcultural Health Improvement with Curtin University.

Now happily back in NZ I am proud to do what I can to help rebuild NCFNZ!

In the past, my walk with God has been a little wobbly, but I am well and truly back on track affirming him as my Lord and Saviour. Welcome to NCFNZ, enjoy your fellowship with us.


jeannette_blucherJeanette Blucher, RN – Membership Secretary
I am the Infection Prevention and Control Nurse Specialists for two private surgical hospitals, the Connect Pastor of our local church, a wife, mother of four and grandmother of 5 and now an NCFNZ Board member; life is full and I am blessed.
As a Christian we are called to be salt and light, so I see my career as my heavenly Father holding the door open for me to serve within the hospitals I work, although I now have very little direct patient contact, I know that what I do makes a difference in their care by facilitating a restorative environment in which healing can occur.

I have been positioned in this role to bring the influence of heaven because God cares for people whether they know him or not. This is not always easy and often I feel completely stretched and out of my comfort zone, but it is in these times I lean into Jesus and trust him to do what I cannot. I heard a little while ago this statement; ‘we cannot afford to have any thoughts in our minds the Jesus does not have in his’ (Bill Johnson), I really like that as it reminds me to reflect on what I am thinking and continually be in the process of renewing my mind (Romans 12:2).



Kia ora koutou,

Whilst I grew up in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, I’ve followed a northward drift having trained and worked in Hamilton and now in Auckland for the past 15 years.  I live with my husband and son  and enjoy both encouraging others in their nursing practice, their faith and within our local church.  It’s a joy to be part of NCFNZ as it revives across Aotearoa and to link in with our colleagues across the nations.

Lyvia MarsdenTe Kotahitanga Tapuhi Karaitiana o Aotearoa / Nurses Christian Fellowship NZ is not just committed to supporting our Māori nurse colleagues simply because it is the ‘right and proper thing’ for any national organisation to do. Rather we recognise that as tangata whenua our indigenous colleagues have essential knowledge and skills fundamental to our mission.

We are delighted to have the interests  of our Māori members represented by Lyvia Marsden RN, QSM. Lyvia is General manager of Te Puna Whanau Ora Network Alliance.

Personal Profile

Lyvia has lived on the North Shore since 1961 and as a registered nurse have been involved in a variety of Primary sector health services in the area for 50+years.

Lyvia has two children, six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Since 1995 to present she has have been fully committed to the establishment, and ongoing  development of a Marae based Maori Provider of Health including GP, Nursing and Allied partners, plus Social services on the North Shore.


Registered General and Obstetric Nurse 1964 Auckland Hospital


1997 – Recipient of Health Funding Authority Hauora Maori Award for

Excellent service to Maori Health in the North

2004 – MOH Inaugural Whanau Hauora Awards

Te Tohu Kahukura Supreme Award for the Harakeke IMAP Whanau Ora model of which I am the author.

2004 –  MOH Inaugural Whanau Hauora Awards

Supreme Award for excellent performance by a Maori Provider

2007 –  Queen’s Service Medal for services to the public


Founding member of National Council of Maori Nurses 1984

Auckland Chairperson 1987

National President 2011

Founding Member of Nga Ngaru (National Maori Provider Assoc] Primary Health Advisor to Te Kete Hauora (1998-2000)

Member Board of Directors North Shore Hospital Foundation 2006 Primary care representative on CPHAC WDHB 2009-2012

Member of Opuawananga Maori Women’s Welfare League 2010


helentorr2Helen Torr – Special Adviser

I have been involved in NCFNZ since 1970 on the New Zealand Executive Committee from 1978 – 1998, being President for 18 yrs. A key achievement was spending 20 years working with Fiji NCF to encourage and support the work there. NCFNZ sponsored numerous Fiji and Tongan ‘NCFers’ to their annual conference over that time.

My nursing history began as a student in the UK, then a staff nurse and industrial nurse. In NZ I was supervisor at Westland Hospital, Hokitika, and Waikato Hospital, then Duty Manager at Northland Base and Practice Nurse in Whangarei. In 1998 commenced Dip in Counselling, 2006 post grad dip at Unitec Auckland.

I have worked for Anglican Care as Manager and senior counsellor for 10 years, involved in establishing the work and building a purpose built counselling and budgeting service, now working as a counsellor in private practice.

I am delighted to join the new NCFNZ management Committee, this time as a special adviser sharing my experience and knowledge of the organisation as we move ever onwards once again.

My God philosophy is simple: Jer: 29.11 God has plans for us to give us a future and hope. That doesn’t necessarily mean we get everything we think we should get, but. Phil. 4:19 “He will supply our needs”. “That which God begins He will complete” Phil. 1:6


luke_stevenson2Luke Stevenson – NCFNZ Ambassador / Saline Trainer

Greetings to all!

Dr Luke is the name. Well at least that was the plan I had during the first 18 years of my life then God rather suddenly picked me up and placed me into nursing. I cannot say that I was happy at the time, but that soon changed.

Since then…wow. What a journey it has been. Having now gained by nursing degree through the University of Auckland, I can honestly say that God has directed me into this career to fuel my passion for caring and serving people, while teaching me the importance of balancing life in regards to family, friends, health, enjoyment, work and service, and doing all for the glory of God.

I am proud to be working as a registered nurse at Waikato Hospital and acting as an ‘Ambassador’ for NCFNZ. I am also involved in delivering the ‘Saline’ training programme which helps health  professionals bring ‘Christ into health care’. (see here for more information: https://www.cmf.org.uk/doctors/saline-solution)
Now to you, be blessed and glorify God,
Nurse Luke Stevenson is the name.


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